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Gazebo in Chester, NJ
Gazebo in Chester, NJ Read
about Gazebo history

The Chester Garden Club is a non-for-profit organization, which was created by a group of local gardening enthusiasts in Chester, NJ in 1967.

The main objective of our club is the promotion of general interest in gardening in the community and the advancement of horticulture, conservation, the environment, and civic beauty. To accomplish it, the club’s members are involved in various projects throughout the year. They are responsible for plantings at several municipal locations, and the public is encouraged to visit and enjoy these areas. The club also supports other non-for-profit organizations either by donating funds to them or by actually participating in their projects. Our organization as well as members has received numerous awards from the Garden Club of New Jersey.

Currently, the Chester Garden Club consists of 28regular, 9 associate and 5 sustaining members, 1 Landscape Design student, 1 National Garden Club Accredited Landscape Design consultant, 1 National Life Member, 1 National Garden Club Accredited Flower Show Judge and 4 Master Gardeners. By joining our club, people can meet other gardeners, exchange ideas with them, get knowledge of horticulture and the natural world, tour botanical sites, and compete for awards in flower shows. Membership to the club is open to anyone who is interested in gardening and willing to donate his or her time and effort to participate in our projects.

The Chester Garden Club general meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month, August through June in various locations.


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