Membership in the club is open to anyone regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity or religious affiliation who is interested in gardening and willing to donate his or her time and effort to participate in our projects. Currently the membership is limited to forty active and nine associate members.  Additional applicants shall be placed on a waiting list. In the event of limited  openings preference shall be given to residents of Chester Township and Chester Borough. Qualification for membership shall be a written application renewed every year and a signed commitment sheet pledging participation in club projects plus payment of annual dues. As a prospective member, you are required to attend two regular meetings within past six months. It is expected that active members attend all monthly meetings held on the first Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted in our Yearbook. We work hard for our community and our members feel they receive in accomplishment and good will as much as they give. If you would like to join our club, please contact us for more information.